Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Word of God

God speaks to mortal humans in many ways. First, there is the Bible - the overwrought novel God decided to write one evening with a Smirnoff Ice (after he created Smirnoff Ice). Then He decided to try His hand as an avant garde artist, drawing pictures of His family members on windows, buildings, toast and eggs - little messages to remind us of His God-ness and His miraculous powers. Not content with books and spooky images, God has ratcheted-up His marketing and P.R. to include billboards. Yes, it's true. You can see it for yourself if you're traveling north on highway 57 outside Plymouth, Wisconsin. In atypical minimalist style, the following message is writ in large white letters on a simple black background: 'One nation under me. --God' Naturally, our Norwegian passengers thought it must be a joke. We assured them, however, that it WAS NOT FUNNY.


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