Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stitches: Day Two

Oh, yeah. That's the look all right. Jaw-dropping. Eye-popping. It takes about three visits to the Stitches Marketplace before one can even begin to focus on making realistic purchases. Some of us never get to that point. Proof: I bought a hefty chunk of superfine, lace weight silk and camel yarn for, what? I hate making lace. I blame the foreign influence of my grafting instructor Galina Khmeleva. Her afternoon class on Russian grafting was so inspirational that I swear, I had a technique orgasm. I also dropped a few pence here on some yummy hand dyed skeins in brilliant red. A cardigan, perhaps? Well, that may have to wait until I receive my special order shipment from Great Yarns - fourteen balls of Shrek-y green for a great swingy, slightly asymetrical jacket with lots of texture and fantastic drapiness. Today is the final day of Stitches Midwest and I'll be hanging until the bitter end. This afternoon's class? The Norwegian Purl. Does it get any better?


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