Thursday, July 07, 2005

Freedom, With a Side of Orange

Following today's terrorist attacks in London, the Department of Homeland Security raised the terror threat level to Orange, once again raising the question, "What on earth are U.S. citizens supposed to do with this color-coded non-information?" Avoid public transportation and walk to and from work? Flood 911 call centers with reports of suspicious individuals? As in, "Hey, 911! I'm following a Muslim-looking cabbie with a 'Kerry-Edwards' bumper sticker. " The irony is too rich when we're told we are being attacked by terrorists because "they hate our freedoms," by the same people who have brought us the Patriot Act, restricted womens' reproductive rights, and outlawed gay marriage. But I forget. It's all about 'context' isn't it? White House spokesman Scott McClellan is big on 'context,' especially when it comes to explaining one bonehead comment after another by members of the Bush administration. On the other hand, the Bush White House thinks it's extremely important for Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices to eliminate 'context' from their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. The London bombers have committed a heinous crime in taking the lives of innocent people. They must be apprehended and punished. So, too, those politicians who lead any nation or group of people into unjustifiable war. Are they any less guilty of shedding innocent blood? Tell me, what context or lack of context explains the difference between them?


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