Friday, June 03, 2005

Operation Blue Rescue

Needed: Wombs for surplus frozen embryos (aka, "snowflakes"). Mother and any partner of her choosing (although partners are not required) must meet following requirements:
  • Have a brain - as in knowing the difference between Intelligent Design Theory and real science
  • Have a heart - as in being able to empathize with human beings from other cultures, social classes and skin colors
  • Have courage - as in a willingness to speak out against immoral government actions and policies, ask questions and demand answers

Singles, married couples, lesbian couples and women willing to provide a "snowflake" to gay couples are encouraged to apply.

C'mon. We can beat them at their own game by molding those 400,000 clumps of frozen cells into card-carrying, voting liberals. Consider it your patriotic duty to produce a blue flurry.

P.S. to BlueGal: I know you're doing your part already so keep The Raisin away from this column so he doesn't get any more smartypants ideas.


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