Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This 70's Show

I know what the calendar says - (I'm not so old that I'm losing touch with reality) - but, crap, have we entered a time warp? An increasingly unpopular war overseas with all the markings of an inescapable quagmire, rising energy prices, a megalomaniac political machine running the White House (c'mon, W's not smart enough to run a vacuum cleaner without supervision) - even the fashion world has spun backwards to the 70's. The Stitches 'Trends' show on Sunday gave me an ice-cream brain freeze. orange? kelly green? animal fur exploding everywhere? (think Cher) And, don't even get me started on ponchos. Listen, folks. I LIVED through that era and the only thing that made it fun was access to The Pill and cheap dope. Spin the clock forward to 2005 and you don't even get THAT, thanks to "W" and his Christian Right supporters who get their undergarments in a bundle over anything that smacks of physical intimacy between consenting adults, while dressing their little girls like shake-your-booty harlots and stuffing their Christmas stockings and gift boxes with Barbie dolls and training bras. WTF? Want to remind yourself of what the 70's era was really like? My first husband used to dress like this - and I made him pose like this, too. Any wonder I needed The Pill? Cue the Pink Floyd while I excuse myself to retch.


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