Monday, August 29, 2005

Gin and Granola

With several weeks left to go before our new kitchen is ready to move into, we have moved back into our destructed house and set up temporary facilities in the dining room and basement. Look closely at the juxtaposition of the gin bottle and the granola container and you'll have a sense of where our heads are at right now. Then again, why should our corner of the world be any less roiled up than the rest of the universe? Hurricanes, wars, insurgencies, protests - more than half of the world's inhabitants would be happy to step into our shoes. We have food and water and access to medical care should we need it. We also have sons who are not in Iraq - much like every member of Congress. For an excellent analysis of how morally bankrupt our political leadership is, you'll want to read this opinion piece by Frank Rich. And if you'd like to leave a comment - something that is already difficult to do with this blogging program - I've made it a bit harder. That's because I was hit with spammers over the weekend. Sorry. Just know that your comments will be doubly appreciated.


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