Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Family Values

Ah, remember the days of the first Bush presidency and all those grandmotherly images of First Lady Barbara in her matronly pearls? Yes, she was capital 'M' Mother to us all back in the 'big hair' 80's. Well, maybe not ALL of us, but certainly to her boy, George. I personally would like to make a snarky remark here about "pearls before swine," but that would be an insult to pigs everywhere. In remarks to an NPR 'Marketplace' reporter this past weekend in a segment titled, "Houston, We Have a Problem," W's Mother opined that it was "scary" that so many Katrina refugees at the Houston Astrodome planned to stay in Texas, and since most of the Astrodome's inhabitants were underprivileged to begin with, her assessment was that they're doing quite well in their current digs. Oh, and she chuckled when she said this.


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