Monday, January 10, 2005

It's a Vest, It's a Wrap, It's a Wreck

With GHIW off on a western ski trip, yours truly settled-in for a long weekend of knitting, reading, movie-watching and high intensity organizing. The photo above shows the Sectional Vest comfortably blocking upstairs, far from the furious downstairs sweep of holiday pine, presents and pernicious glitz and glitter. The Christmas tree is curbside, the wreaths are serving up juniper berry treats for the birds, while ornaments and lights are nestled into their attic sleep chamber for the next eleven months. Whew! And did I mention the eight loads of laundry? With the vest near completion, I dove into my stash supply to plan two new knitting projects - a silk/cotton sweater for me and a baby sweater for the daughter of a friend. During the mindless process of swatching these two projects, my television wand landed on the "People's Choice Awards" show. Question 1: Am I the only person in the world who missed the episode where the Fab 5 make over Michael Moore? Question 2: Was someone holding a gun to Sheryl Crowe forcing her to attend? Question 3: Who are the "people" making these award choices? They scare me. Mel Gibson scares me. Question 4: Jason Alexander: Tasteless or Crude? Crude or Tasteless? Question 5: Why couldn't I bring myself to turn off this train wreck?


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