Monday, December 20, 2004

Cry Baby

My santas are squeezin' and wheezin' out a happy tune from their perch on the fireplace mantle, but so far I'm feeling less than joyous today. Maybe it's because our fabulous ski weekend had to come to an end yesterday, or maybe it's the screaming match with the customer service rep at Volkswagon of America over the need to replace (for the second time) a $400+ part on our Eurovan. We also found out that we lost our appeal on the property tax assessment on our house and, gosh darn it, I feel like a walking, talking blank check these days. And, if you even mention "IKEA" to me, I'm likely to explode in an apoplectic cloud of curses. Note to Leslie at Nakeid Knits: I thought this retrograde Mercury thang was OVER!


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