Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Slippin' Out the Back to Tacoma

Just when I'm thinking the Department of Homeland Security couldn't be any less effective in reacting to a homeland disaster - this arrives in the mail addressed to Greatest Husband. It seems that my plan to be a broad abroad in February or March, (Norway, Poland and similarly popular late winter travel destinations) happens to coincide with this particularly attractive west coast happening involving Blue Gal and 2nd Nature. Thus, a kidnapping plot is hatched. But really, with Greatest Husband training for the American Birkebeiner race at the end of February, do you think he'll even notice if I slip away for a few days? And since my new passport was accidently destroyed by an unfortunate pairing of said document in a drawer with a certain unmentionable lubricant - which was not a funny discovery BTW - well, maybe it's a sign I should stay within borders a bit longer.


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