Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Message from the White House

" the United States is a leader when it comes to speaking out about violence against women, and taking steps to prevent it. And that is a message we state very clearly across the world." -Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary September 26, 2005 Indeed, the message rolls across the world, but it may not coincide with the official White House spin. According to Iraq BodyCount, the truth is this:
  • 24,865 civilians were reported killed in the first two years.
  • Women and children accounted for almost 20% of all civilian deaths.

Who did the killing?

  • US-led forces killed 37% of civilian victims.
  • Anti-occupation forces/insurgents killed 9% of civilian victims.
  • Post-invasion criminal violence accounted for 36% of all deaths.

Scotty, you're right about one thing. The message is clear. It just doesn't square with the official line about spreading freedom, democracy and what's that third thing? Oh, right. Liberating the Iraqi people.

Unless . . . is it a 'permanent' liberation you have in mind?


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