Thursday, May 05, 2005

"What's It Going To Take?"

asks one reader. Good question. The current administration's lies, PR spin, abuse of power and indifference could fill a catalog the size of a Texas oil rig. Those of us who pay attention are dismissed as un-American, out-of-touch liberals, whiners and even traitors. In today's NYTimes writer Bob Herbert tells the story of Army reservist Aidan Delgado and his photographic memoir of his tour of duty in Iraq. Not a Hallmark scrapbook to be sure. Read this on an empty stomach. In our current reality-crazed culture, can Mr. Delgado's dose of realism effect a change in public attitude? Mr. Herbert thinks it can. I want to think that it MUST, but my darker side is less certain. What IS it going to take?


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