Monday, March 14, 2005

Pinking the Edge of Sanity

A plague of viruses have descended upon our house, inserting their barbed and misshapen bodies in all sorts of places. There we were sailing merrily through the winter months eating right, exercising vigorously & often, armed with flu shots and a hand-washing routine that bordered on obsessive/compulsive when, BAM! those mutants arrived on the doorstep with a search warrant and a blood hound looking for the weakest link - me. Today, it's GHIW's turn and it makes me wonder where on earth was that CODE ORANGE warning when we needed it? But, here's the really odd thing that I tried to explain to GHIW last night. Despite the viral setbacks and the corresponding lower than bottom of the sea energy levels, when the going is good I've never felt so bursting with energy and creativity and complete and utter joy as I have in the past couple of weeks. I mean, weirdly joyful as in nearly crying at hearing a cardinal singing its spring song at the same time the weather forecast is calling for another three inches of snow. Or, get this, just hanging out in my yarn closet sniffing skeins of wool to decide which one I'm going to play with next. Every molecule in my body is groovin' and smoovin' and, hell, if I got a whack at "Craft Corner Death Match" I just know I'd be crowned the doyenne of decoupage.


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