Friday, February 11, 2005

Blastocyst Blues

Thank you to Guila Parker for the following item -A judge in Cook County, Illinois, has ruled that a mistakenly discarded embryo at a fertility clinic is legally human, allowing a Chicago couple's wrongful death claim to go forward. Imagine for a moment how preoccupied our courts are going to be enforcing the rights of fertilized eggs should this ruling be allowed to stand. I mean, really, all those frozen blastocysts demanding to be born! Perhaps the good judge might also rule that parents who wantonly fertilize and freeze mulitple offspring be forced to bring each and every little egg to term. That might put a damper on the fertility business. Heck, it might even encourage infertile couples to adopt. How's that for a concept? Or, perhaps the government, in a form of conscription, will enlist young women with empty and available wombs to carry the fertilized eggs of those wealthy enough to afford fertility treatments. Anything less would be child abuse, wouldn't it?


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