Friday, December 03, 2004

Your Fiendly Pharmacist

Ah, the good old days. A woman goes to her doctor. The doctor prescribes a drug. The woman takes the script to her pharmacy. The pharmacist fills the prescription and warns her about possible side effects and how to properly take the drug. If this is still the manner in which you obtain your necessary prescriptions, count yourself fortunate. If the Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International organization (and other groups like it) have their way, you may find yourself face to face with a trained evangelist pharmacist. Here is some of what the Christian Pharmacists will be learning at the upcoming Saline Solution Conference:
Evangelism Training: Saline Solution Conferences How to share spiritual truth in 20 seconds How to discuss spiritual matters in a way that is comfortable and ethical How to inspire your staff to make your practice site a great place to be How to take a spiritual history How and when to write faith prescriptions How to develop a spiritual consult network How to avoid backing up the waiting room How to share the gospel in three minutes
My spiritual history? A faith prescription? What the ?
If you think organizations like this are wacko-fringe elements, guess again. Pharmacists actually get CEU credit for attending conferences with lectures titled, "Is It Wise to Deny God Admission to Pharmacy School?"
I'm scared. How about you?


Blogger Blue Gal said...

You have no idea what it is like here in Alabama. My (former) doctor has his nurse ask all new patients if they have been saved by Jesus Christ and accepted him as their personal savior. He has religious tracts and music in his office. But it was going there in October 2004 for a TB test for work, and seeing the Bush sign out front and his entire staff wearing bush buttons that made me switch to a doc in the box.

4/08/2005 10:25:00 PM  

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