Thursday, December 02, 2004

Blue in a Blue State

Tom Ridge is leaving. John Ashcroft, too. The only cartoon mullah left in the Bush White House is Wisconsin's own Tommy Thompson. Four years ago, I was glad to see Tommy leave for his post in the Department of Health and Human Services. Then came September 11, anthrax and most recently, the bungled flu vaccine crisis. In the year 2000, most of us in Wisconsin knew he'd be in WAY over his head at DHHS. We had no idea how deep the water would get in the four years since his move to Washington. The Bush administration is smartly cleaning house. Tommy will certainly be following Ridge and Ashcroft out the door. Then what? Will he once again eye the governor's office here at home? I've got to say that, happy as I was to see him leave, the new, younger Republicans rumored to be considering the governor's seat in 2006 are a far scarier lot than Tommy ever was. John Gard and Scott Walker are positively reptilian. They make the dull-witted and philandering Tommy look like a harmless folksy grandpa in comparison. Sadly, there is much resistance work ahead.


Blogger Gwyn said...

You know, here in Colorado, there's been vaccine shortages for a while, and not just flu vaccines, either. Several times I have taken my kids in for their Regularly Scheduled Vaccinations, only to be told there were none, and they'd have to catch us later. For the love of Mike, how hard is it to look at applicable numbers (birth rate, immigration) and match that with vaccines? I mean, let's all get worked up about the Supposed Threat of Biological Warfare, when we can't even immunize kids from the shit we know about. I'd like to speak with this Tommy person for a little while and use a syringe to demonstrate how trying it is to carefully prepare your child for The Shot, deal with the fear and tears, and then be told, sorry, you'll have to come back. Too bad he isn't leaving D.C. on a rail.

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